Features & Benefits

  • Instantly separating defective products such as weight difference, printing errors, etc. that occur during manufacturing process
  • Achieving cost-performance towards problems of the manual separation process that costs time and resources.
  • The containers and contents are cleanly separated even with remaining content in the containers. The operation is simple, safe, and washable so that the machine and workplace is hygienic.

Sorting packaged noodles

Sorting packaged soup

Small bag pillow packages such as hard candy

Sachet sauce for lunch, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.

Individual packages for items such as udon noodles, bread, pastries and donuts.

Sugar, retort pouches, etc.

Chilled Chinese noodles Soup

Retort pouches (ex. curry, stew)

Udon noodles


Type KS904 KS1545
Capability approx. 250kg〜2,000kg/h approx. 500kg〜4,000kg/h
Power supply 3 phase AC200V 3 phase AC200V
Motor 3.7kw 11.0kw
Safety device Casing open / close all stop mechanism controls Casing open / close all stop mechanism controls
Machine weight 200kg 700kg
External size(W×D×H) 1,900×1,100×1,500mm 5,300×1,400×2,100mm

*The capability with the figures above is based on our actual figures when using udon noodles. The figures vary depending on objects. Please contact us for details.

We provide you with customization based on your needs if necessary.

The content introduced above is our basic type. We can customize it based on your specifications by taking advantage of the strength of our in-house design capability.
Please feel free to contact us.