The separation rate has been greatly surpassed conventional rate. Our rate has reached about 500 kg per hour. The machine is safe and both eco and user-friendly.


A lock mechanism prevents the cover from opening during operation.


All you have to do is grease 2 parts of the machine once a month.

Consumable parts

Simply and easily exchangeable by anyone.

Plaster board waste is regarded as difficult materials to be disposed of among construction waste. However, we have achieved turning plaster board waste into recycled resources. Our separation rate enables you to sell the paper with certainty.



Type KSR945
Power supply 3 phase AC200V
Motor 11.0kw
Capability approx. 500kg/h
Machine weight 800kg
Machine material Made of SS
Others Cover open / close all stop mechanism controls
with overload prevention function
External size(W×D×H) 1,900×1,300×2,500mm

We provide you with customization based on your needs if necessary.

The content introduced above is our basic type. We can customize it based on your specifications by taking advantage of the strength of our in-house design capability.
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