Since the paper packs get opened and the friction cleaning and dehydration are performed instantly to the inside, paper packs still containing contents can be thrown into the machine.

Recycling, which has been given up due to manual and costly labor, is now possible at a low cost and energy, with high speed processing of just 2 seconds from throwing-in to dehydration and overwhelmingly low water consumption at 30 L per hour.

Paper pack automatic cutting system

The paper packs are instantly opened with our original designed blade and cleaned to the inside of the pack.

Fast cleaning and dehydration

The unique blade design enables high-speed cleaning and dehydration of 2 seconds per bag.

Cost saving with less water consumption

Water consumption is 30 liters per hour. Compared to 1 to 2 tons per hour with industrial cleaning machines, the Bun Sen can clean with a considerably small amount of water.

The washed packs are purchased by used paper wholesalers.
You can build a recycling route of recycled paper raw material.

#1 Problems with water consumption during cleaning

Water consumption is drastically reduced with our technology equipped in the “Bun-Sen”.

#2 The problem with properly folded milk packs

Packs get cleaned in every corner with the specialized blade ripping packs off.
These cleaning technologies enhance the value of the recycled resources.

#3 The odor and hygiene problems of collected milk packs

Solved with the washing and dehydration technology of the “Bun-Sen”.
The odor and hygiene problem of the packs during the period from in-stock to collection by recyclers.

#4 Usefulness of recycled resources

Paper bags opened, washed, and dehydrated are turned into valuables.
Furthermore, the “Bun-Sen” achieves a more efficient transportation by volume reduction.

Name Bun – Sen Bun – Sen
Type KSW904 KSW1545
Capability approx. 50kg/h approx.200kg〜400kg/h
Tap water usage
(When using 1 valve)
approx. 30 litters/h approx. 30 litters/h
Safety device Casing open / close all stop mechanism controls Casing open / close all stop mechanism controls
Power supply 3 phase AC200V 3 phase AC200V
Motor 3.7kw 11.0kw
Machine weight 360kg 840kg
External size(W×D×H) 1,900×1,100×1,500mm 5,300×1,800×2,100mm

*The capability with the figures above is based on our actual figures when using 200cc brick pack. The figures vary depending on objects. Please contact us for details.

We provide you with customization based on your needs if necessary.

The content introduced above is our basic type. We can customize it based on your specifications by taking advantage of the strength of our in-house design capability.
Please feel free to contact us.