• Ashigara milk Co., Ltd.
  • Ishizuka chemical sangyo Co., Ltd.
  • Ichibiki Co., Ltd.
  • Itoham foods Co., Ltd.
  • Mk cheese Co., Ltd.
  • Ohsho food service Co., Ltd.
  • Kagome Co., Ltd.
  • Kanesue Co., Ltd.
  • Kikkoman soyfoods Co., Ltd.
  • Green arrows kanto Co., Ltd.
  • Coca cola east japan products Co., Ltd.
  • Sunhousefoods Co., Ltd.
  • Sun recycle Co., Ltd.
  • Japan farm Co., Ltd.
  • Sugakiya foods Co., Ltd.
  • U co-op Co., Ltd.
  • Zensho holding Co., Ltd.
  • Takahashi sauce Co., Ltd.
  • Takara shoyu Co., Ltd.
  • Toasu Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo sanyo plus Co., Ltd.
  • Trycompany Co., Ltd.
  • Nagatanien Co., Ltd.
  • Nissan motor Co., Ltd.
  • Nissin fd foods Co., Ltd.
  • Nissin food products Co., Ltd.
  • Nissin sugar Co., Ltd.
  • Nissin foods Co., Ltd.
  • Nissei Co., Ltd.
  • Nihon shokken Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon suisan kaisha Co., Ltd.
  • Panasonic eco technology center Co., Ltd.
  • Fukusuke kogyo Co., Ltd
  • Brook’s Co., Ltd.
  • Bull-dog sauce Co., Ltd.
  • Honda motor Co., Ltd.
  • Matsuya foods Co., Ltd.
  • Marusan-ai Co., Ltd.
  • Marudai food Co., Ltd.
  • Meiji Co., Ltd.
  • Morinaga & Co., Ltd.
  • Monteur Co., Ltd.
  • Yamazaki baking Co., Ltd.
  • Yamamori Co., Ltd.
  • Megmilk snow brand Co., Ltd.
  • Unideli Co., Ltd.
  • Rinnex Co., Ltd.
  • Lopia Co., Ltd.
  • Green planet21Co., Ltd.(US)
  • Nestle Co., Ltd.(US)

Case: Itoham foods Co., Ltd. - Toyohashi factory

Installed in the area for waste. They purchased Bun-Sen to clean thaw sheets and plastic bags that wrap meat and recycle them as plastic raw materials. The manager in charge of the environment received an award internally for his achievements in reducing waste and CO2 emissions as well as improving the recycling rate.

itohamu leaflet

Featured in CSR report of Itoham

Case: Kagome Co., Ltd. - Kosakai Factory

Installed in the backyard. Bun-Sen was introduced to clean the inner bag of a 200-liter drum can containing the paste that is the raw material for tomato ketchup. As a result, they established their own route to sell them as a valuable recycled resource.

Cost saving = 5.92 million yen:
Disposal costs at 11.3 million yen per year were reduced to 5.3 million yen.

kagome leaflet

Featured in magazine
“Monthly Food factory manager”

Case: Yamazaki baking Co., Ltd.

Recycling waste plastic. The Osaka Second Factory has introduced a machine that cleans and crushes plastic containers of raw materials used in the factory. That enables them to improve the recycling rate. The bean jam and cream used at Yamazaki factory are delivered from the raw material manufacturer in a state of being filled in a packaged container so that they use them by squeezing it out. However, the bean jam and cream that cannot be squeezed out remain inside the packaged container, and the material cannot be recycled.

This machine is designed to wash the remaining inside the packages such as bean jam and cream by centrifugal force and water. The machine continues washing them to reach the certain quality needed for material recycling.

yamazaki leaflet

Featured in Yamazaki
Baking’s Environmental Report

Case: Company(Anonymous)

The Bun-Sen was introduced to clean a petri dish for research, making it possible to recycle it with value. The person in charge said, “I never imagined washing a petri dish that was discarded on a one-day basis in large quantities. What was considered common sense is no longer true.”

Midori dairies Co., Ltd. / Marusan-ai Co., Ltd. / Ashigara Milk Co., Ltd.


Case: Midori dairies Co., Ltd.

Installed in the backyard. Before they installed Bun-Sen, they had been struggling to deal with milk that generally rots quickly, especially in the summer. However, after the introduction of Bun-Sen, 60,000 packs were able to be washed in about 4 hours with a small amount of water (30 liters/h). Cleaned packs are recycled by used paper collectors.


The machine is used for sorting out defective products occurred in the manufacturing process. They used to sort industrial wastes by hand and with certain costs. However, Bun-Bun has made it possible to sort them automatically. As a result, they have achieved cost savings for disposal cost and labor cost.

  • Candy manufacturers
  • Seasoning manufacturers
  • Retort pouch manufacturers
  • Small packaged pillow source, soy sourse manufacturers etc.
  • Flour, Tempura flour manufacturers
  • Sugar manufacturers
  • Dripped coffee manufacturers
  • Ice pack manufacturers