The Bun-Sen is compact in size that it can be easily installed in a small backyard. Its water consumption is only 30 kg per hour, cleaning a plastic bag takes 2 seconds, and it’s easy to operate with just one person.
It generally costs you to dispose of plastic bags with residue if incinerating or throwing them away in landfills. However, our machine can solve the issues with recycling plastic bags.

Compact & space saving

Most conventional automatic cleaning machines are around 20-30 meters in size. However, the Bun-Sen can be installed if there is a 5.5 m x 1.5 m space in the backyard.

Fast cleaning and dehydration

The Bun Sen achieves fast cleaning and dehydration of 2 seconds per bag by ripping the bag without turning it over and spraying the cleaning water to scrub it.

Cost saving with less water consumption

Water consumption is 30 liters per hour. Compared to 1 to 2 tons per hour with industrial cleaning machines, the Bun Sen can clean with a considerably small amount of water.

From waste to recycling.
Plastic bags with residue are recycled nowadays. Kanemiya partner companies collect plastic bags washed with the Bun-Sen and recycle them. This is a business model that balances environmental management and corporate social responsibility by reducing costs and carbon dioxide emissions through your core business.



Type KSW1545
Capability approx. 200kg〜400kg/h
Tap water usage
(When using 1 valve)
approx. 30 litters/h
Washing speed 2 seconds per 70 litters bag
Safety device Cover open / close all stop mechanism controls
Power supply 3 phase AC200V
Motor 11.0kw
Machine weight 840kg
External size(W×D×H) 5,300×1,800×2,100mm

The capability with the figures above is based on our actual figures when using 70 liters with a thickness of 0.08 mm and a weight of 0.5 g. Please contact us for details.

We provide you with customization based on your needs if necessary.

The content introduced above is our basic type. We can customize it based on your specifications by taking advantage of the strength of our in-house design capability.
Please feel free to contact us.