Our Machines & Equipment

We achieve cost reduction through automation and unmanned operation, utilizing our machinery and equipment. However, our technicians manually process parts that require special and specific technology. We pursue our ideal manufacturing process, by balancing costs and technologies in that way.

CAD System

measuring devices

measuring devices

Laser punch


Material storage system

#  MachineType Machine Name Number of Units
1 Laser punch machine APELIO attached 1 Unit
2 Cycle loader ASR 48M 1 Unit
3 Automatic program device 3D CAD (Solid works) 2 Unit
    programming CAD AP100 1 Unit
    ASIC 100PCL 1 Unit
4 CNC set press SP30AMADA104 1 Unit
5 Shearing S2532 Auto BG attached 3.2×2400 1 Unit
6 Corner Shearing CSW220 1 Unit
    APELIO 24511 1Kw 1 Unit
    LC657II 1Kw 1 Unit
    LCV6510II 2Kw 1 Unit
7 Press brake HDS 8025NT 2 Units
8 Material shelfs AMA SPACE 1248 2 Units
9 Deburring machine Toban BURRY TACK 1 Unit
10 Spot-welding ID-40ST 2 Units
11 Table spot-welding machine TS-108i 2 Units
12 Full-Digital automatic welding machine YD-350GB2 3 Units
    YW-35DE1 3 Units
    YD-00DET1 3 Units
13 Tig welding machine YC-200TR5 1 Unit